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Geistliche Impulse

St. Christopherus


Already in 452 a church is dedicated in honour of him in Chalcedocia. Today there are about 3000 places in Europe where he is worshiped. People of the Middle Ages who were horrified by sudden death in their environment placed large pictures of him in churches, hospitals and houses so that he could be seen by people in the morning: Who ever looked at the picture of St. Christopherus in the morning was said to be protected until evening. Today St. Christopher is believed to be the patron of travellers.

His badge on a vehicle should remember the driver of his responsibility and bless him. Reprobus was a giant. He wanted to serve only the most powerful on earth. Soon he served Christ at a dangerous river where he once had to carry a child across the river. In the middle of the river the child became so heavy that he nearly collapsed. The child said to him: "You did not only carry the whole world but also Him who created the world." Jesus-Baby is said to have baptised him giving him the name Christopher (Bearer of Christ). We trust in him - Christopher - the strong and brave man when we get into all kinds of trouble. May St. Christopher once carry us to the other side of the river.


Name:                                                      in Greek: Christophoros (carrying Christ)

Day of Commemoration:                         July 24th

Native Place:                                           Cappadocia (Southern Turkey)

Year of Death:                                        Around 250 (beheaded) under Emperor Diocletian

Distinguishing Feature:                          Jesus on his shoulders, stick or trunk in his hand

Particular Patronage:                             Patron of a Christian's daily work, helper in many

                                                               dangers, saviour in floods, patron of the sailors,

                                                               craftsmen, all travellers and drivers of a vehicle,

                                                               helper against a sudden death



St. Christopher, you carried Jesus-Baby safe through the dangerous floods. Lead also us through the dangers of the traffic and give that we neither endanger nor hurt anybody. Protect our country against damage caused by fire or water.



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